Canon UK Response to MkIII

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Re: Canon UK Response to MkIII

As already stated by others, this reply is a through-out riot of laughter.

However, I find that the part that really provides an opportunity to "grab them by the balls" is this one:

Another thing we have noticed her eon the canon UK help desk in our
own tests here with this camera system is that the when a single
focus point is selected if the focus point is not on a solid colour
or tone then the focus will flicker between two different focus

If I was you, I would contact them again (this time by registered mail), quoting the statement above and candidly asking:

"Am I to understand that your product AF only works, under the described conditions, if a specific scene contains the stated solid colors or tones?"

If they are not careful with the reply, as a consummer, you'll have everything you need to claim that "the product is not fit for the intended purpose".

This is a concept that, under EU consumer law, is a very powerful tool to make them pay close attention to any further exchanges about the subject.


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