Canon UK Response to MkIII

Started Jul 12, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon UK Response to MkIII

It beggars belief that this sort of advice is being given out by Canon (UK) support - how can they expect professional photographers to give credence to anything they recommend when they come out with such drivel?

The advice they give on the LCD issue is almost as useless as that on the focus issue, not to mention the fact that the LCDs on all other Canon DSLRs are perfectly adequate for checking focus, it's just the 1D3 that has the issue.

I am preparing an email for CPS (UK) that unequivocably demonstrates that the 1D3 (or at least, MY one) has serious auto focus issues - at least CPS listen and try to offer the best advice available to them rather than fobbing-off customers with rubbish.

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