Challange to all DORKS

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Challange to all DORKS

Here's a challange to all the dorks out there:

What was you dorkiest thing you did just to take a photograph?

What is a dork? According to my children: "It is somebody who would totaly disregard normal behavior in order to accomplish a totally meaningless feat".

We all know that "normal" and "meaningfull" are completely "in the eye of the dork"!


1) Describe you dorkiness.

2) Post the photograph.

Here's mine:

I was getting dressed the other morning and peeped through the bathroom window. A ray of sunlight hit a portion of the deck behind the house, and made the morning frost glow. I saw a shadow quickly creeping closer, and I ran out of the bathroom, grabbed my UZI, stepped out on the deck in temperatures of around 20°F, dressed in only my boxers, and snapped away.

I've been told that I'm a dork many times before. I guess actions like this will qualify.

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