Canon S5 Reviews,..Are there any?

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Re: Canon S5 Reviews,..Are there any?

Hi Rob

Just came across your post and the fact that you appear to have both
the S5 IS and the FZ50 interested me.

I currently have an old FZ20 and am now looking to replace it with
something more upto date.

I have been reading reviews and pricing up both the S5 and the FZ50,
but have yet to actually go to a shop and see them in the flesh, so
to speak.

If you have tried them both, how do they compare? I know it's
subjective but would value your thoughts

I guess a lot is what you are expecting your camera to do. I can say this in this forum and feel pretty free about saying this but each camera has its strenghts and weaknesses. Let me ask you a couplle questions and maybe you can get a better feeling for what you want. First let me start by prefacing that I do not have the FZ30 which I understand is a pretty good camera but all my comments are related to the S5IS and the FZ50.

1. How much do you shoot RAW. I have found that the RAW Images on the FZ50 are exceptional but it does take a little work with PP. Colors out of the camera are a little flat and dull but add a little work with PS and you can make beautiful prints.

2. The Canon S5IS is a very good camera with excellent images right out of the camera but Canons Color vibrance is very high. Nice if you don't want to PP a lot of images.

3. I like the FZ50 internal lens and focus mechanisms. Makes me feel liek the lens won't snap off in the event of an accidental drop.

Neither camera is going to disppoint you in my mind, it is just what you want to do with them. I bought both with the understanding that one was going to be returned but I don't think that is going to happpen. I have put up a couple comparisons on the Panny forum and would really recommend you take a look at them before making any deciionsl Hope it helps--

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