R2400 dark prints with new OS/new sw

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R2400 dark prints with new OS/new sw

I need some help to figure out why my R2400 prints on Enhanced Matte paper have started to come our darker/flatter/muddier than the screen display.

Not a whole lot, but definitely too much and not acceptable, when the display looks fine (or even a bit bright).

Below are all the details. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate some help! Thanks in advance.

I've made some recent PC changes:
-re-installed the OS (due to some other problems)
-starting using Nikon Capture NX 1.1.0 instead of Capture 4.4.2 for RAW edits
(still using Adobe PS CS2 for printing)
-also recently upgraded to a new monitor, but that was before the OS re-install.

-also, after the new OS install, I had to re-install the Epson paper profiles: the new profiles I found on the Epson site have different names than what I had before (also the names don't match in PS CS2 vs. the printer driver!?!; not sure if they should)

MONITOR: Samsung Syncmaster 214T calibrated with Spyder2Pro.

CAMERA: D200 shooting RAW with Adobe RGB color space, color mode II

S/W- CAPTURE NX: Default RGB color space is also Nikon Adobe RGB

S/W - PS CS2: Color settings=North America Prepress 2
(working RGB space is Adobe RGB)


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paper=Ultra Premium Presentation Matte (the new profiles I installed don't match the names I used to have with older profiles from last year): I assume this is the same as Epson Enhanced Matte, which is what I am using for paper.
--Color Management: ICM, with Off (No Color Adjustment) checked
-PRINT WITH PREVIEW dialog settings:
--Color Management, Document (Nikon Adobe RGB)
--Options: Let PS determine colors;

--Options: Profile=SPR2400 EnhMatte BstPhoto.icc (this doesn't match any of the names available in the printer driver dialog!, and it doesn't match exactly what I recall I had with the old profiles from last year).

BTW - in PS CS2, if I select (in View/Proof Setup/Custom) the device to simulate=SPR2400 EnhMatte BstPhoto.icc, the display still looks OK for brightness compared to the working Adobe RGB profile: it doesn't look too dark/muddy like the prints do.

Regards, Colin

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