A Taste of Africa-Wedding Pictures

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A Taste of Africa-Wedding Pictures

Hello everyone,

To anyone that has followed my wedding post and to newer viewer's : I try to post 98% of my pictures here without the use of flash. on of these had flash and were with a D2H and 70-200 VR lens. Also my post are usally the pictures I did at a wedding for a quick slideshow on my 9" laptop and the post work is usally flawed cause of the time and size of work area. These were not. I did them at home and used my larger PC. These are more of what I show clients.

Another note is that many of my responses come from my phone and if i miss-place my glasses I type horrible so I apologize for the many typos you will see from my responses.

This wedding was in downtown Chicago and they had many Afirican customs and the dress was of African style. I wanted to show more of the children in these cause you usally don't get to see that In my past threads.

These were taken form only one chip out of 10 that I shot. Each chip holds about 250 - 300 images

I numbered pics to make it easier for comments. Please note while doing this post I noticed color off on the last one of the couple #13 (LOL, lucky date 7-7-07)

Please enjoy and thanks you for viewing, Fred james













13 This on the color seems off to me and I will correct

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