Two SB-800 wireless with D200

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Re: Two SB-800 wireless with D200

To Set D200 as Wireless Commander:

1 - Turn on D200
2 - Press "Menu" button
3 - Select "Custom Setting Menu" (Pencil)
4 - select "e Bracketing/Flash"
5 - select "e3 Built-in Flash"
6 - select "Commander Mode"
7 - Use the multiselector on the back of the camera to adjust settings
8 - Make a note of the Channel Number

To set SB-800 as Wireless Remote:
1 - Turn on SB-800
2 - Press "SEL" for 2+ seconds

3 - Use L/R Zoom buttons and + / - buttons to select master/remote mode (on right hand side above A/AA)
4 - Press "SEL"
5 - Use "-" key until "REMOTE" is highlighted
6 - Press "SEL"
7 - Press "SEL" for 2+ seconds (back to main info screen)

You should now see CH 1 2 3 4 at the top left of the display
REMOTE in the Middle of the display
GROUP A B C at the bottom right

8 - Press "SEL" once to highlight "CH"
9 - Use + / - keys to select correct channel (see item 8 in D200 setup)
10 - Press "SEL" once to highlight "GROUP"
11 - Use + / - keys to set group (e.g. A for your 1st SB-800 and B for your 2nd)

Re-do step 7 in camera setup to adjust output if necessary

Make sure your on-board flash is up
Take a picture

If you get lost whilst setting up the flash no problem - hold down the "MODE" button and the "ON/OFF" TOGETHER for 2+ seconds to reset.


Please let us know how you get on

If you really want to get the most out of your set-up, I can fully recommend this book by Mike Hagen:
Kev G

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