Prints don't match what I see on my monitor

Started Jul 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
dhewi Regular Member • Posts: 290
Do you use the soft proof set-up?

In my experience, the print being darker is just a fact of life. I have my monitor and printer totally profiled to my satisfaction, and still that's the way it is.

BUT, if you have a proper colour-managed setup, Photoshop will give you a check on how the print will appear if you use the proof settings under the "view" menu. Use the custom setting, and follow through the steps with the profile you're using to print with, and then you can switch between that and normal view. The difference will be shocking, but it does show you how the print will look.

Then, once you've edited your picture to your satisfaction, you can tweak it separately for printing.

In CS3, you get a good preview directly in the print dialog.

Apologies if all this has been said before.

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