Anyone knows the next Canon intro date ???

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1Ds3 and 40D @ Berlin’s IFA show (31/8/07 to 5/9/07)

The IFA show is one of the largest shows in the world, and is the last big show of the year. If Canon's 20th anniversary for EOS has any meaning for Canon releases for 2007 then this will be the event and year for their new 1Ds3 flagship camera.

As I have mentioned months ago take the architecture of two 1D3 imagers, rotate them 90 degrees, put them together, and viola, you have a +20MP imager, with a little squeezing here and there. The squeezing "requires" the resultant pixel dimension be reduced to 6.4 microns (the 1D3 pixel size is 7.2 microns) in order to "fit" 21 million pixels onto a 24x36mm image target, the full-frame 35mm frame. At this point, it seems that we're getting near a realistic limit for pixel density...

Lets do some Guessing: A CANON solution for increasing their market share into Medium Format, MF, resolution (a not so simple solution) would be for Canon to rotate the 24x36 imager 90 degrees and combine two of them, trim off 12mm, to create a 36x36mm image target,,, granted this would change the image target by +6mm on top and bottom sides of the imager, shutter, the mirror, mirror box, penta-prism. Since the resultant image circle would be 51mm, all existing "L" (RED band) lenses would give proper edge results, a 51mm image circle; (already delivered by "L" lenses). This would give a 32MP imager, with present day 1D3 imager technologies... giving a SQUARE result like the Hasselblad used for decades, no more landscape/portrait rotation of camera... This would get CANON seriously into the MF business with 1Dx camera body re-design... however NO "L" lens designs whatsoever for now..

Several years Later, Canon could migrate to 36x48 imager/body design, going +6mm on the long edges; Canon would have to produce new "M" lenses, (named for MF lenses with a BLUE band), as a full 60mm image circle is required, shining onto a 36x48mm imager target, with 42MP deliverable, having to re-engineer portions of 1Dx body, producing the 1DM body.

Wow, that was simple...
dreaming is easy... delivery takes a bit more time and effort...


PS: Although the wonderful images produced by the 400D is at 5.7 microns. We are probably getting near the density limits, at 5 to 6 microns, with bayer array imagers. Therefore if Canon stays with present CMOS bayer designs, then increasing imager area is needed to increase pixel count..

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