300 AF-S VR or 200-400 AF-S VR?

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Re: 300 AF-S VR or 200-400 AF-S VR?

If you search enough on this forum you may find many conversations, advantages, and disadvantages of using both. I was in the same situation wondering which one is best. I don't have a sample but from my testing - using the 1.4tc with the 300vr will still result in very good images.

I decided to keep 200-400vr because the 300vr was a "tweener" - where it didnt have enough reach in certain situations, and too long when I was closer. I also like the versatility of the 200-400vr. Since I justified using the 300vr+tc to get closer - I gave up a stop too..... which I may as well use the 200-400vr in that scenario anyways.

They are both awesome lenses..... you can't miss by getting one or the other. It just depends on the situation and why you're getting the lens.... In my line of shooting I needed the faster lens in dark situations - so I ended up saving up for the 200vr f2. Using it with the 1.4tc will get me close enough to 300mm in certain situations and still give me the faster aperature. In dark situations - I use the f2.....
Here's some - unscientific - samples of the 300vr and 200-400vr.

300vr lens f2.8 100% crop:

300vr lens f4.0 at 100% crop

200-400mm f4.0 at 300mm 100% crop

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