Sigma 70 2.8 macro. Any opinions?

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Re: Most of what you say is accurate...

"pleasing" is subjective. I disagree with many people. I find the 50/1.8 to have superior boke-aji when compared to the 85/1.4 these days. I used to think the opposite was true (I used to think that the 50/1.8 was "bad"), but at the time I was just following what ignorant people on the internet thought, rather than my own subjectivity.

You can easily determine harsh effects under various circumstances and entirely avoid those circumstances in everyday shooting (especially if you don't like harsh effects). If you are truly offended by a given type of boke-aji, then yeah you can say the lens is "bad" for it, but it's certainly not a fact . My favorite lenses in the Nikon lineup for boke-aji are the 24/2 and the 75-150/3.5. Not because they are smooth but because they are wonderfully unsmooth in their own unique ways.

I generally try to not blur out the background too smoothly because I find it boring and ultimately detracting from the image. That is subjective and plenty of people disagree with it. Doesn't make my opinion invalid. In fact, I regularly tell people to ignore review comments on boke-aji, whether they're from internet forums or from the excessively-worshipped reviewers like Bjorn or Ron or Thom. Coincidentally, many of the people I've "helped" in this way tend to share my opinions about harsh being "better" than soft under most circumstances.

As far as the 70mm macro...I haven't tried it. Don't know what its boke-aji is I can't comment on it with any certainty.
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