Nikon getting set to unveil next-gen professional DSLR?

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Re: Nikon getting set to unveil next-gen professional DSLR? Complete BS

htspecialist wrote:

Why do people post such falsehoods?

It is not BS!

Who nows on timing but as Canon have, Nikon will continue with the "DX" for some time, but bring in a full frame camera. I will then sell my D200, 17-55 AND 12-24 kit, when the full frame price has dropped. With luck my D200 kit will not loose to much value!

From embassesed knowing looks from people with knowledge, they explained full frame was going to happen much as "VHS" for video became the standard. From their looks I would guess it will happen relativley soon.

I would get on photographing now and buy the best now, as whatever is launched will as all new things be at a premium. You will probably come out about even if you buy now, then whenever the full frame comes out wait some months for the price to drop, as I will.

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