Ken Rockwell 'announces' the 7D... well sort of

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Re: Ken Rockwell 'announces' the 7D... well sort of

If anyone would want to guess what the next 5D would be like, and if you are good at math then . . .

I would take the 1D MK3 pixel on the 1.3 frame and figure out how many mega-pixels it would be on a full frame sensor. That would be a starting point and you would have something that is already real to work with.

Then the guessing could continue from there based on some facts from the already existing 1D MK3 camera.

First, it would probably have one Digic 3 board and not 2 like the 1D MK3 has.

It would have the new focusing technology since that is based on the new pixels, but probably stay similar to the current 5D at 3fps since it won't have the dual Digic 3 boards but one board.

It will probably have the larger and current LCD screen.

It will probably have the sensor cleaning technology.

It will probably have the new menu layout like the MK3 and XTi have.

Those were the easy guesses, and if it didn't follow that track at the very least, then Canon is giving us less than it easily could and should. The harder part and the part we can only speculate on is the feature set. These could be deemed as appropriate questions though:

Will they give the camera sRAW?

Will it remain with only 1 high precision focus point in the center?

Will the center high precision focus point be moved from f2.8 to f4 like the MK3?

Will Canon add any more features like auto ISO?

Will Canon add any weather resistance?

Those are logical questions based on what other cameras are offering and also on some stuff that Canon has done to the 1D MK3 that is basic and can be moved down without diluting the MK3's appeal.

In fact, most of these points would also go to a new 1Ds MKIII and some may make it to the 40D too.

The 40D raises other questions though - how to get more pixels on a 1.6 sensor than the XTi already has? Does that mean Canon will bring the 40D in at the same 10mp as the XTi? Then where will Canon focus on that camera - it would have to be the feature set and that raises some REALLY interesting possibilities because Canon has been very "un-giving" in the feature set department.

And then that leaves the XTi. Where will it go from here?? My guess will probably raise a furor, but based on a recent survey Canon took, I remember reading most of Canon's L lenses are sold to people with higher end bodies. Based on that, I would hazard a guess that in-body image stabilization would appear in the XTi body before it appeared anywhere else - and it may be the only place it ever does appear.

Those guesses are much better than the guesses that is on that other web site mention in this thread. A Canon camera being based on an older sensor is not really very logical and is more like taking a step backwards as the 5D puts out a better picture (not larger) than the 1Ds MKII does now. It is more logical to try and guess what will trickle down from what Canon has already presented.


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