Nikon D40/D40x sensor problems

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Nikon D40/D40x sensor problems

Continued from my thread of "Oh no! Utah dirt killed my D40 (or time for new tripod)".

Circuit City replaced (send me a gift card of the original value - pretty nice), so I decided to replace the D40 with the D40x.

First one I got home, I noticed that the mirror had some blemishes on it. They did not reflect in any of the test pictures(I deleted the pictures so I could not go back and look for sensor problems on this one) so I went back and got another.

The second one, the mirror was nice and clean but when I looked at the picture I could pick out two noticeable bad sensor spots.
I went and got that one replaced and this one was even worse.
Here is one picture.
The fourth one replacement appears to be perfect.

Now on my original D40, looking back on some of those pictures, I found at least one bad spot from that camera. Before getting a replacement camera, I thought at first it may had been because of the D40 taking a dust bath but now I am not too sure.

Yes, the spots are not completely dead and easily corrected with Photo shop but I am mixed. I feel that I should not have to correct every picture(at lease where it is obvious). Am I being too picky?

I just got a bad feeling about it and feel bad for Nikon. I have only owned Nikon camera's.
Thought? Comments?

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