200-400 VR Rewards

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Re: 200-400 VR Rewards

Well, we opened up a can o worms here eh? Hand held.. possible, Tripod? better if possible... I do find that a tripod will give a higher yield, and saves a lot of arm pain, and my back. I like to hand hold, as it makes me more able to get around easily in the field, and i can get on fast moving subject much quicker.

Both techniques have merit, in given situations.

here is on from last week.. hand held @ 1/30 sec.


this one @ 1/50 sec hand held


and this one @ 1000 sec, hand held


I have met a lot of great wildlife shooters in the field, and there are guys who never let go of their tripod, and guys who never use it., it is all personal preference, and there is no right or wrong way, just do what works for you.

best to all.

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