Ethics and the Canon 17-55

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Ethics and the Canon 17-55

I'm about to pull the trigger on a Canon 17-55. The speed and sharpness along with IS and fast focusing have sold me.

My current walk around lens is a Tamron 28 - 75. A nice lens - but, my copy is kind of soft (it was my first lens and I didn't know what to look for). I had it calibrated - but, it's still soft - especially compared to my Canon 10-22 and 70-300 IS.

So - I want to support my local camera store and get the lens there (they have a nice copy that I've tried out), but the cost is over $250 above what I can get it and Abe’s or Imaging World and about $220 above B&H.

I want to support my local guy - but, really – that’s a big spread for being a nice guy.

Moreover - I bet there is a B&H code lurking out there that would make the difference even greater (if you have it - please share).

I'm going to go in with cash and a copy of the internet price and see if I can woo my local guy (a nice fellow - well informed and generous with knowledge). He doesn't need to match the price - just get it out of self-flagellation territory.

Do others of you share my dilemma? Remember - we live in a morally ambiguous world where doctors blow up innocent folks and the President likes to scoot on his Scooter. (Mild political humor not meant to offend)

Given my 10-22 and 70-330, is the 17-55 a terrible choice? (I'll add a 70 - 200 2.8 IS and a fast prime someday).

I shoot with a 30D. I know if I go full frame I'll be sunk.

Thanks in advance for your advice!



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