200-400 VR Rewards

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Re: 200-400 VR Rewards

If I can make a suggestion - while you may want to hand-hold this lens, and don't like the restrictions of a monopod, no pro would hand-hold this lens. Why? They have learned through experience that putting this type of lens on a tripod, with a gimbal type head, is the sure way to keep the greatest percentage of shots.

While you may want to fight conventional wisdom, my suggestion is don't - most photo situations never happen twice. You need to use the best methods available to you for each situation.

I use this lens and a D2X on a monopod all of the time and have no issue with restirctions. I use the Kirk QR on top of a Bogen/Manafrotto swivel head, which give me extra movement on the up/down axis, and this really helps. I also have a Wimberly head on a Gitzo 1325 tripod, and the fact that it makes my camera and lens weightless (yes - in perfect balance) makes using this set-up a joy.

Here is the Kirk monopd head:


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