Alpha 100 error: No Lens Attached

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Alpha 100 error: No Lens Attached

Hey A100 people - need your help!

Last month I bought the Sony Alpha 100 and Tamaron 18-250mm lens,
thanks in large part to the discussion here. Love that lens!

This is the first digital SLR that I've had and it's awesome. Looking forward
to posting some pictures here and getting some feedback from people
who know a lot more about photography than me. I especially need
some advice about taking pictures of birds in trees, and how to do that
without getting the picture washed out by the sky.. but that's a topic
for another day.

However, my camera has developed a serious problem. I have only had
it about a month and I'm not sure if it's the lens or the body. I can imagine
the finger pointing when I go back to Tamaron or to Sony.

What happens is occasionally the LCD will say "No Lens Attached" and
usually turning the camera on/off will fix the problem. I'm not sure if
it's more likely Sony's problem or Tamaron's (leaning towards Sony) but
I have some travel and wildlife photo opportunities coming up, and it's
going to stink to not have my camera for this...

As I say, it's random and I can turn it on and take pictures for 15 mins and
then all of the sudden it will happen and I miss a critical photo. I am running
1.0.4 firmware and also did a reset on the camera -- to no avail.

Any thoughts on this?

I have removed and reattached the lens, but it doesn't help.

So far, this is the only lens I have, so it's hard to figure out what's up. If I
borrow/buy another lens I suppose that might give me an idea.

Anyone else have this problem? Advice? Help !!

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