Any rumor on Canon 100-400mm Update

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Rumor on Canon 100-400mm Update in 2007

To see my comments months ago about this lens:

That said, as one of my favorites, it has not been released since the 1998...

The fact that it is very popular, the fact that it is mostly used for out-door venues, like wildlife and sports, as I do, the fact that it does not have any weather-resistant features, it makes sense to me that this lens is "perfect" for some serious updating.

How would I improve the 100-400mm lens, if it were my decision:

Make it with f4.0 constant aperture, for better performance at 400mm
Make it using the 82mm filter setting to help with the f4 element design
Make it with rubberized fitting for weather-seal at the bayonet mount
Make it with better weather/dust/water droplet sealing, for push-pull design
Make it with an improved IS and focus engine, call it the 4-stop IS version
Make it with front/rear lens elements multi-coated to export imager reflections
Make it with DO optics if the above package is too heavy for hand-held use

That would be my wish list for this lens...

While I am dreaming, lets see Canon produce a
800mm f5.6 IS DO Lens that fully-functions with Canon's tele-extenders


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