Any rumor on Canon 100-400mm Update

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Re: Any rumor on Canon 100-400mm Update

007peter wrote:

The Canon 100-400mm F4-5.6 IS has been out since 1998, any chance
we'll see an update? Any rumor?

Rumors of an updated version of this lens have been out since sometime in 2001, right after the 70-200 f2.8 L IS was released with the 3 stop IS. It still has not happened.

Rumors of a new version of this lens seems to have peeked about 6 months ago, in a virtual frenzy of claims that it would be replaced. This was right after the 70-200 f4 L IS with 4 stop IS came out. It still has not happened.

To be sure, the 100-400 L IS is the oldest L zoom with IS still in production. It stands to reason it will be one of the next to be updated. But when will that be? Also, how much will you be willing to pay? The 28-300 L IS should be a good indicator of the street price of a "new" 100-400. I am talking just an update to the IS and better seals here, not a faster lens. So, the current price for a US 28-300 is about $2200, the current price for a US 100-400 is about $1310.

I don't know about anyone else, but I would not be changing out my perfectly good 100-400 L IS for one with a stop better IS and slightly better weather sealing for the extra $900. And if presented with the choice of a new old stock lens or the new version at that kind of price delta I would probably opt for the old version. Of course, as soon as a new version is announced the old version will drop in price, and the new will be at an inflated price for the first 6 months or so. Making the delta even larger.

If Canon can increase the image quality noticeably I might want a new version. But to be quite honest my 100-400 is about as good, image quality wise through most of its range, as any zoom I have ever owned. A stop faster lens, say an f4 through the range, would be tempting, but there is no way Canon could do that at anything near the 28-300 L IS price. I would bet such a lens would be $3500-$5000, and probably on the higher end.

Please note I am not against a new version. I think that would be great. But I think a new version will cost more, regardless of the improvements incorporated. And that would drive some users away. Also, when I bought my 100-400 I set aside the rumors, and I am very glad I did. Otherwise I would have missed out on the last 5 years of images this lens has helped me capture. Sometime you just have to jump on the train and accept the fact that a new version (be it a car, camera, lens, stereo, etc, etc) will be right arouund the corner.


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