Thinking of Switching to Cannon

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Re: Thinking of Switching to Cannon

I am switching to gain ISO 3200 and fast wide angle primes. If I was doing landscape or wildlife photography I would stay with Nikon. In particular with wildlife photography the 5D will not begin to track as well as the D2X, and is only marginally better than the D200. A 500mm on a 5D has the picture angle of a 500mm as opposed to the 750mm picture angle with the 500mm on the D2X. Canon has nothing that begins to compare to the Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR for wildlife photography, and Canon has only the 1.4x and 2x teleconverters unlike Nikon with the 1.7x that works great with the already mentioned 200-400mm VR lens.

For people I doubt you will be shooting in light that requires 1/60th at ISO 3200 and f1.4 unless like me you shoot wedding receptions. For any other use the Nikon zooms like the 17-55mm is great. With the Canon you will find yourself having to shoot with the 24-105mm f4 IS. With the loss of a f-stop you will often need to shoot with the 5D at double the ISO setting. You may like the images from the 5D when shooting people but to my taste the images look like they were shot with Velvia and not natural looking at all. I have purchased two Mark III, having viewed thousands of images shot with the Mark II and finding it similar to the D200 in its color and skin tone rendition and expecting the Mark III to be along the same lines.

And consider in your kit planning that you are replacing two very durable and weather sealed cameras with a much less durable 5D that lacks weather seals and will not take nearly the abuse. You will want two 5D's and ultimately the Mark III when Canon fixes its production problems.

I cannot see a compelling reason in what you state are your photographic pursuits for wanting to go to Canon. How many ISO 3200 shots do you take now or wish you could take over the course of the year? For that you are giving up more reliable cameras and lenses, a much better flash system, and having to get much more expensive, much larger and heavier telephotos to shoot wildlife with the 5D and take much greater care in the field.

You may wish to consider renting a 5D and a Canon 600mm f4 lens and spending a weekend with the combination and then compare it to the D2X and the 200-400mm VR with or without a 1.7X teleconverter.

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