I was Warned about AF540

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I was Warned about AF540

Jamming on the K10.

Had to pull the flash apart to get it off as have others so here is what to look for.
Don’t know if this info has been posted before but here is the work around.

In the first image you will see a small hole, this should have a black plastic pin in it. If it aint there the next time you fit your flash to your camera you won’t get it off so easy as this is what lifts the spring loaded locking pin on the base of the flash.

This is after modification so you will notice the steel pin is not protruding from the base as it would normaly.

On the inside of the base the small black plastic arm now glued in the lower position would normally be at the 10 o’clock position with that little pin still protruding through that small hole.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture in the original position before I glued it down.

Note the arm is lifted onto the small steel bracket in the base so as to hold it up permanently. The fixing lever will still hold the flash in position as it's a cam lock so no problems there.

The other option would be to remove the pin but a bit of hot glue does the job fine.
Hope this helps and you won’t suffer the jammed flash syndrome as I did today.

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