B9180 and Windows Vista 64bit

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Re: B9180 and Windows Vista 64bit

I doubt it's the computer itself. Some have said you must ask to elevate your case to get anywhere. The entry level tech support is there to answer the most basic tasks. They obviously didn't understand the seriousness of what to them seemed a simple demand. What you want to do is clear to anyone who uses these printers. Yet entry level tech support I doubt is destined for users of 64bit systems. So as frustrating it may be I sincerely hope there is a way to get past this inefficient wal and make some progress. I would help if I could but I don't have any serious Windows boxes, nor connections on the 64bit drivers team. I think they owe you an answer to your question, even if that answer is a known problem already. But, I'm not going to go as far as saying there's not anything you can do, as there is. If your question is out of their entry level people then it should be elevated. We're hoping for the best, let us know.
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