Hey Pro's, How did he do this ?

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Re: No - Re: Sadly, they are digital fakes.....

Hi Guys,

A friend of mine mentioned that some folks around here might be talking about my work.

Well, if you don’t know me, I’m a full time landscape photographer in Oregon. I’ve been in this business for a few years now and I've been taking pics for about 11 years. I’m the most passionate person you’ll ever meet about photographing nature.

First, let me absolutely set the record strait on one little thing. The Mount Assiniboine reflection image that some of you seem so convinced is a fake…well, you’re totally wrong. Period. Amazing what people will believe these days… All of your accusations of fakery could be effectively disproved by a thorough evaluation of optical geometrics – or heck, simply by looking at a million other reflection images taken in the same place. Look at it again….and less suspiciously this time. Geeez. I’m out in nature a lot, and it’s not to come back and showcase my PS skills. Are you a little surprised I created that image with a 2-stop ND and 2 minutes of PS work? Why? It’s a fact. You only show your own ignorance and skepticism to believe otherwise. There was some dodge/burning past the RAW processing and that’s it.

Actually, I don’t know a heck of a lot of PS. I avoid taking classes because A: I’m really an individual learner without any other photography instruction, and B: I see so many people PS the heck out of things just because they can….and it frustrates me. I’m all for enhancing stuff a little, people (who isn’t), but within reason! I don’t want to see halos, ridiculous color variations, fake skies, or one sky 5-stops darker than the foreground either! Often times, too much PS is exactly the problem that people fail to overcome these days.

I have never used HDR. I have never blended exposures taken more than seconds apart for any reason. I’m a huge proponent of the get it right in-camera to every extent that you can philosophy. My PS work is usually some dodge/burn – my main-stay, stand-by technique (complicated, eh?) and of course color corrections in RAW processing. Occassionally I’ll use local contrast or luminosity enhancments too, or double process a RAW file, but these are ENHANCMENTS - not to be confused with composite fakes. I don’t take a sunset or a reflection that wasn’t there and paste it in. My workflow? You probably already know how to do it.

I’d will say, however, I believe it takes at least a little natural artistic apptitude to create excellent results the world of landscape photography, along with a lot of practice and patience.

Many people who have gone shooting with me and a host of workshop clients can attest to my images being the real thing. You can't begin to make assumptions like these without actually seeing my processes through in the field and on the computer.

Spending up to 200 days/year in the field as I do is also something that cannot be taught. I have an incredible drive to photograph nature. Landscape photography is the purest expression of my soul. I love everything about nature, and I let it come to me. If I fail to capture it, I still had a great time.

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