LCD Screen Protectors e-510

Started Jun 27, 2007 | Discussions thread
Ron Goodenow Contributing Member • Posts: 661
Re: LCD Screen Protectors e-510

I have a 330 and need a sheet lcd protector because of the tilting lcd.

I ended up at the Best Buy five minutes from the house and purchased a kit in the department which sells MP3 players from which I can cut a protector. So far I am very satisfied. The one I put on six weeks ago has endured several trips, is very clear, hasn't scratched and feels like it will be sitting there a long time. There are so many sheets in the kit I suspect I am good for several years, and can cut and trim for my other cameras as needed. Price was about $16.

I can tell you what to stay away from: anything sold at Radio Shack or Ritz Camera. Theirs are flimsy and unclear; utterly useless. Some of the on-line products mentioned here sound good, too, but if you are in a rush and have several cameras I thought I would throw out my experience.

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