do I need IS?

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Re: do I need IS?

jtin wrote:

...trying to figure out if I should be eyeing the E-410 or the
E-510. : ) It seems that the three major differences of the 510
are: IS, extra size/weight, and costs $200 (25%!) more.

Well, most of the people here got the E-510 for the IS I guess. I got an E-410 because I wanted the lightest/smallest body. The camera is a little miracle.. but it's not for lemmings.

People here singing the praises of IS have made me consider if it was wise to get the E-410. In my case, yes. I got the small and light camera I wanted and considering the photos I take, a large majority of blurry photos are blurry because of subject movement, which IS wouldn't stop. When the light gets really low and shutter speeds drop to seconds IS won't help you. If you want the shot you need a tripod anyway (consider gorillapod or similar).

IS is a magnificent thing for sure, but it's not panacea, cure for everything (like some here like to present it). Many want it, some need it. Me, I -need- a flash or a tripod but I'm using them in a situations where IS wouldn't help... So think carefully what/how/where you shoot and choose your equipment accordingly.

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