NPS event in Japan, 2nd weekend in June

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Re: Makes so much sense!

CraigRWC wrote:

So I won't be too surprised if a modular system is the "big
surprise" you like to smile and nod about.

I'd be surprised. Everything I've heard about the next pro product is pretty much as expected in the evolutionary line from D1-> D1x-> D2x-> D3.

I only posted what I wrote long ago because it seems to have resurfaced in the casual rumor mill without any attribution. I haven't heard much about the modular approach for some time now and don't believe it is what we'll see next. Note also that going modular like that would make it even easier for folk like Fujifilm to do Nikon compatible products, potentially increasing competition in your own mount (note how Hasselblad is trying to lock up their back interface to only Hasselblad products). The high margin isn't in the base body parts (shutter, metering, focus system, etc.), but in the digital side (sensor, ADC, imaging ASIC, etc.), thus you don't want to sell lots of bodies and few backs.

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