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Production size

stupormundi wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a really high production
volume for a Pro-Camera?

Yes and no. The initial D2x quantity was 25k/mo according to Nikon (though it's unclear whether or not that included built-up inventory that was released to shipment as well as the current production). Long-term production of the high-end pro models has generally been modest in number (1k-10k, depending upon the model).

Given the product Nikon is going to announce (remember, I used the words "big surprise" way back at the start of this year ; ), I'd say that 10k/mo is too low a volume to satisfy demand in 2007. And if the reports of hardware design freeze and initial production has begun with an August launch are true, that would mean that there would still be fewer D3 available at launch than D2x units were available at its launch.

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