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Patrick Gamet wrote:

This is the file as it came directly from the camera:

I think the lack of clarity in your image is due to the built-in noise suppression in your camera, compounded by shooting in less than the finest mode so there will possibly be some JPG compression artifacts and additional loss of detail. This is a common problem with P&S cameras, due to the tiny sensors used that are inherently noisy. Here's a quote from the DPReview review of this camera: "ISO 200 and 400 suffer from the effect of noise reduction and loss of low contrast detail ". If you want to print large, your best bet would probably be to shoot in superfine mode, ISO 100 if it lets you choose, and with more light on the subjects to support this effort.

I notice that the Exif data in your image says the JPG fine compression level is "6". I don't know if that corresponds to Photoshop's JPG compression levels or not, but if it does, that's pretty high compression and would be a very undesireable mode to shoot in. I would never compress my JPG images that far unless I was just trying to squeeze them onto a web page for some temporary and very unimportant reason that required tiny mediocre files... In fact for print purposes if I'm making JPG's, I save them at level "10" from Photoshop, which makes for big files, but I usually delete them after printing since I keep the original RAW and JPG files and sometimes the PSD file as well if it's a keeper shot.


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