D3 on June 26th???

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Re: You don't say

michaeladawson wrote:

Pierre Sottas wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

Nikon is sponsor of the Soccer Asian Cup 2007 that will begin the
7th of July. Football has recently become the second most popular
sport in Japan (after baseball) and this competition will be
broadcasted live on two Japan TVs...

Wow, broadcast on two TVs. I hope there's a lot of people watching
those two televisions.

Just joking.

Thom's other guideline for these press releases, though, is that
they have to be big, really big events. I have a feeling that
"Asian Soccer Championships" are not big enough for a Nikon
release. You have to think... "What event will bring
photojournalists from around the globe?" Asian soccer won't do it.
Mike Dawson

Mike, I think you might have misunderstood the actual meaning of what Thom Hogan wrote. I think he may have a very strong point there. What some of us Westerners dont understand is that the Japanese think business quite different from what we are familiar with. Up till now, among all the opinions expressed here, I think this might actually be the most reasonable both from a logical but also traditional point of view.

Mr Hogan, I have read somewhere you posted a reply or on your website, something that hinted at the fact that Nikon might actually finally be looking towards other chip makers than Sony. Could this mean that a SuperCCD sensor might be considered for such a task as the new Nikon flagship? And if it did, how could this chip begin to 'look' like?

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