85/1.8 vs 135/2.0 vs 70-200/4IS for shooting kids / portraits?

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85/1.8 vs 135/2.0 vs 70-200/4IS for shooting kids / portraits?

Next week i'm going to pick up my first dSLR, a 5D. As a travel kit, I'm thinking at the moment:

  • 5D

  • 16-35II

  • 50/1.8II

  • 70-200/4.0 IS

For shots around the house, however, I am thinking about getting a good prime to shoot images of my 18 month old daughter. Just for shots of her playing in the backyard and stuff. I also would like a good prime to create shallow DOF portraits.

So I was thinking, I could start with those using the 70-200/4 IS that I have anyway, but if it comes short on bokeh and DOF and sharpness, which of the two primes would you get:

  • 85/1.8

  • 135/2.0

The 85/1.8 seems very good value for the money, but the 135/2.0 gets the best marks from the users. Many regard this as a legendary lens.

Thank you.

Currently still enjoying film SLR, film scanner and Photoshop CS3. Switching from F6
to 5D and maybe later also a OneDthree in 2007.

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