Crunch time D80 or D40

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Crunch time D80 or D40

Hi all, After a couple of weeks prevaricating, I have now come to the 'wire' as it were.

My two options have slimmed down to this:-

Bearing in mind I only want one lens bolted to the front of the camera, ( for reasons outlined elsewhere ) full time!

Option A

D80 with Nikkor AF-S 18-135mm f/3-5.6G ED Lens

Option B

D40 with 18-200 VR Nikkor.

For special reasons both represent a roughly similar financial outlay.

To me, while the VR option on the D40 has many advantages, the visual/ergonomic balance is not quite right. Also I have some slight concerns about the lens over the whole zoom range, together with its general bulk. I acknowledge most forum members give the VR lens +++++ rating.

OTOH Option A, while serving up a 'better body' ( higher level unit/better in hand feel/more adjustable features ) probably leaves something to be desired in lens quality, even though I have previewed it in a camera store, as I have with the VR on a friends D50 ( the VR looks right on the D50)
It's a far more compact package and the lens seems to me to sit just right!

I actually took some test shots with a handheld D50 equipped with a 18-200 VR, then changed over to a non VR long lens, focussing on a car boot (trunk) with registration plate and chrome logo.......this was from around 60 feet. While the viewfinder clearly showed my hand shaking somewhat with the non VR, the resultant images, when blown up on a 24' iMac were indistinguishable, in regard to sharpness. I think my friend was a bit surprised. Now this was not the 'be-all' of all tests, but still......

SO, after all that, and after initially being swept away by the 'MUST HAVE VR' syndrome, I am now wondering, and leaning toward Option A!

I realise that the 18-135 may have some hand shake issues at the outer limits of the lens, esp at slower speeds. The combination Option A, just looks and feels so right!

Comments please.

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