Aperture and GX100. Here's How.

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Aperture and GX100. Here's How.

All the credit for this goes to a very knowledgable and friendly fellow named Eoin on the Leica User Forum.

He figured out how to hack the plist in the Mac system file for Leica M8 users (they used the Nikon D200 profile), and I have been using it for my Epson R-D1 files (with the Nikon D70 profile). Now that Aperture supports the Panasonic LX2/Leica D-Lux 3, I have used the Pana profile to allow Aperture to import GX100 DNG's. You do not have to use Adobe DNG converter like Leica M8 users did earlier, even though the M8 uses DNG. Of course yesterday the M8 finally got its own profile, as did other Leica cameras. Alas, still none for my R-D1.

This is relatively simple if you follow the instructions carefully. It will work until the next OSX or maybe Aperture upgrade, then you will have to do it again because the plist will have been overwritten. You won't have to import the files again, it will just take a minute or two to hack the plist again.

First download the free trial of PlistEdit pro:


Then navigate to here on your Mac:


Copy the Raw.plist file to the desktop in case you mess up (Eoin's advice).

Open "the original file in its original location in PlistEdit Pro. You may have to unlock this file to allow you to save it depending on your security setup. To unlock right click and select get info, go to ownership and permissions and change from read only to read and write". Direct quote from Eoin.

After opening in PlistEdit Pro find the entry for the Panasonic-DMC- LX2 (or LEICA-D-LUX 3)in the upper panel, highlight it and click on duplicate. A new entry is created called Panasonic-DMC- LX2 2 (or LEICA-D-LUX) .I used the plebian Panasonic profile. Click on the name and edit it to read RICOH-Caplio GX100. The name must be entered exactly as I have typed it here. It's probably easiest to cut and paste it. A lot of this is Eoins exact wording but I substituted the correct camera names.

Now just save the edited Raw.plist file in its original location, close all your apps, start up Aperture, and import DNG's directly from your GX100, without the need for any conversion. Again, I have paraphrased Eoin. If you haven't changed your security permissions to read and write, it won't allow you to save.

My only contribution was to find through trial and error the correct name to enter, which again is RICOH-Caplio GX100. Wrong name, won't work. No dash, no caps in correct place, it won't work.

I can't find Eoins original post but here is a link to a post that quoted Eoin, and where I took most of the info:


I have been using Eoins hack successfully with my R-D1 and am now using it successfully with the GX100. The Epson Raw files must first be converted to DNG with Adobe's free converter. Not so for the GX100 DNG files.

I know, color variations, etc...
The new M8 profile in Aperture is already receiving complaints too...

I use the GX100 for B&W mainly but the color looks good too. Try it if you like and give some feedback.

Here's a link to Aperture's 30 day free trial for anyone interested:


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