Own D40, Sell D50 For Glass?

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Sold It

Of course I mentioned this before in a previous thread. I am only responding to this one because someone at dplinks (Nikon World Links at Pbase, http://www.dpnotes.com/nikon-d40-vs-nikon-d50/ ), linked from the David Chin "World of Nikon Links," ( http://www.pbase.com/dlcmh/nikon_d40_links ) actually linked to my thread here regarding the whole D40 vs D50 debate.

So I thought I'd update this thread for archival purposes (in case anyone actually reads these things). Yes, I sold my D50. I really loved that camera, but found myself using the D40 exclusively not just for photos of the little girl but also for "artistic aspirations" shots which I thought might remain the domain of the D50. That hasn't been the case--I found myself preferring the D40 for those "artistic aspirations" shots as well.

The D50 hardly seemed inadequate next to the D40, I just found myself preferring the D40 for its larger LCD, slightly better viewfinder, ability to create Sepia JPEG copies of shots I take (as lately I've done a lot of shots of old cars/shacks, sort of the "Americana" theme & I like to be able to see what such a shot looks like in Sepia right off the bat while downloading), and yes I like the smaller size overall even though overall I loved the ergonomics of the D50 too.

And as for the AF-S issue--I currently only have 1 AF-S lens, the 50mm f/1.8 AF-D, and right now the only lenses I'm contemplating buying would either be the 55-200 VR Nikon just came out with, or (dare I dream) the 18-200VR--both are AF-S. As great as primes like the 85mm f/1.8 D are, I highly doubt I'll actually buy one anytime soon.

I could use glass (or the money, or a better flash) more, and I am not currently doing any type of photography where having a 2nd body is paramount. So I sold the D50, as much as I loved it.

Again, just updating this thread since the "Nikon World Links" page linked to it in the D40 vs D50 page from dpnotes they referenced.

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