Z1050 or Other???

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Re: Z1050 or Other???

nearlyfocused wrote:

I am in the market for a really good, small camera that will
provide excellent detail on vacations as well as locally among
friends and some indoor events w/ the garndkids. I would like some
advice as to whether I should choose between the Z1050 with its
10.1 MP and 3x optical zoom or the EV-7 with 7 MP and the extended
reach of the 7x optical zoom.

User reports on this forum seem to indicate the 1200 has slightly better image quality than the 1050 and the V-7 less than either. However for casual shooting the difference will be negligible. Ignore the difference in megapixels. The 7x zoom will likely be of advantage for kid photos. But in the end it's under your fingers convenience and personal handling among these that should be the deciding factors. Go to a shop, if possible and handle the candidates. Bring an SD card you can plug in to each and view the pictures on your home PC for comparison. That will tell you more useful things than we can.

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