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Re: No, it's not a good starter camera

I understand where you're coming from. Although, I figure with the accessories, 2 lenses, and camera body, I can't go wrong for $500. I don't have a lot of cash right now, and it will get me by. I will likely sell it all and upgrade to something newer in a few months when I have more cash available. Here's what it came with that makes me think it is worth more than the $500 I spent:

10D body
Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

Tamron 28-105mm f2.8 lens (may have a focus issue, but it was thrown in for free)
Canon battery grip
Canon Speedlite 420EX flash

So, while I know it's not the latest and greatest stuff, I believe it will still be very capable of taking good photos, which is ultimately what really matters. And I believe if I were to sell each item separately, I would recoup the $500 plus some extra money which I could put towards a newer camera that would have the quick autofocus, quick write speeds, larger LCD screen, more megapixels (since I'll be printing large prints at some point during my class), etc. If anything, learning on something that's a little heavier, slower, and with a smaller screen should just help me in the long run by the time I upgrade to something newer anyway.

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