Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

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Re: Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

+: sharpness, focal length, color, handholding
-: falloff, flare, ergonomics, build, price

Shooting 17-40, I could improve sharpness and color with Photoshop,
carry an extra lens for focal length, and brace myself against
something for handholding.

Shooting 17-55, I could use a hood for flare, but it's difficult to
repair falloff, and there's nothing I can do for ergonomics and
build. Price isn't a critical issue for me, as long as I feel that
I'm getting my money's worth.

I'm currently leaning toward keeping the 17-40, but it's close, and
I'm vacillating by the hour. I'm going to shoot some more tomorrow
to get a better feel for what it can do, and hopefully that'll help
me decide whether to switch.

i'm a bit confused. you say everything is better on the 17-55 performance wise aside from flare and falloff and then you say you are leaning toward the 17-40? as for build, do you really think it will matter? ar eyou shooting in extreme evironments? as for ergonomics, it is bulkier but it is still incredibly easily handholdable. as for fall-off, will you be using it near wide open often in situation where at the same time there is important info in the corners? and you can apply some anti-vignetting processing too. flare might be an issue, but moreso than all the pluses? anyway, an alternate way to think about it.

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