1D MK3 shipping & focus issues - NOT rumors

Started May 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
Jay Bean Veteran Member • Posts: 3,661
Re: "initial firmware"

The quote from CW came after they delayed the initial ship. I'm guessing they already started working on new firmware but decided the problem wasn't bad enough to continue holding the first shipments. It lets the first set of users vet out any additional issues that may need to be fixed in the firmware, so that they don't have to do two back-2-back. The last sentence in the quote is also very telling, "We are content to let our customers tell us what they think after they perform their own tests"

montereyphoto wrote:

If it was a problem that could be fixed with firmware I doubt Canon
would be holding back on releasing the cameras to its resellers. I
cannot recall a camera with as much PR behind it being released in
such small numbers. J&R has received one camera so far in June
according to the person I spoke to in customer service as I was
canceling my order.

I have another Mark III due to arrive at a retailer's store next
week. I am going to let it go to another customer even though I
already paid cash for it. Not worth the grief.


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