Pattern When Printing With Photoshop

Started Jun 20, 2007 | Discussions thread
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JoeBerni New Member • Posts: 9
Pattern When Printing With Photoshop

I just upgraded to Photoshop CS3 and have begun to see some weird behavior with my prints. Everything that I print, regardless of the settings, prints with a textured pattern. The pattern looks similar to how the print would look if it were printed on canvas.

I have CS2 co-installed with CS3 so I went back to the earlier version to see if the problem could be isolated to CS3. The pattern appears with both versions now.

Printing from Lightroom or QImage produces perfect prints without any pattern or abnormalities.

Some info on my environment and settings:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate on an AMD 64 Athlon processor

  • Epson 3800 printer with updated drivers

  • ICC profile and color management settings are correct (this problem occurs regardless of color mgmt settings)

  • I have tried every combination of rendering intent, black point comp., etc. and cannot isolate the cause of this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone shed some light on why my prints from Photoshop are printing with this textured pattern?


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