1D MK3 shipping & focus issues - NOT rumors

Started May 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
dnjake Senior Member • Posts: 2,702
my guess

HD_Images wrote:

Also, reading the CW quote in the original post, Mr Westfall does
not state the AF problem was fixed only it stands to reason it was,
then leaves it up to users to report.

Does it stand to reason now that reported problems by some were
being ignored?

Anyhow, look forward to a Canon reply soon.

Rob surely has talked to Chuck and to others in Canon as well. However, it seems like that the issue is really with the design and it is quite possible that Canon has not yet agreed that it is a problem.

In Canon's favor, so far most professional photographers do not seem to have found problems with the 1D Mark III AF. But if a consensus builds that the AF is seriously flawed, I expect Canon will step up to fixing it.
David Jacobson

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