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Re: Have you contacted the defendents or the patent office?

Jay Bean wrote:
The earliest I can recall ever seeing such a photo website is about
5-6 years ago. Back in '97 or '98 digital cameras were so
primitive as to be considered a novelty, hence there wasn't much of
a need or even vision for what we all take for granted today.
Remember the "floppy disk digital camera"?

If you have documentation -- paper work, receiptions, anything --
proving you had such a website prior to 1999, then both the
defendents and the patent office will be very intrested in that
documentation. Obviously Mr. Wolf is going to say what you did
isn't applicable and try to discourage you from stepping forward.
You should conact them and let them decide for themselves whether
you have or don't have prior art.


Yes, digital cameras were a rarity. Initially all of our images were shot on film, developed on-site, and then we scanned the negatives and uploaded. At times we had pre-production versions of various digital cameras. We now are 100% digital.

I have spoken to one of the defendants. It remains to be seen if they are interested. I'm happy to talk to any of the other defendants.

I doubt the patent office is interested in hearing from me. I don't have the budget, knowledge or expertise to properly present things to the patent office. They are overworked and understaffed. Unless properly presented, I doubt they would care what I had to say.

I am happy to cooperate with anyone interested to get the truth out there. I don't want to see others credited for something I developed.

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