Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Have you contacted the defendents or the patent office?

The earliest I can recall ever seeing such a photo website is about 5-6 years ago. Back in '97 or '98 digital cameras were so primitive as to be considered a novelty, hence there wasn't much of a need or even vision for what we all take for granted today. Remember the "floppy disk digital camera"?

If you have documentation -- paper work, receiptions, anything -- proving you had such a website prior to 1999, then both the defendents and the patent office will be very intrested in that documentation. Obviously Mr. Wolf is going to say what you did isn't applicable and try to discourage you from stepping forward. You should conact them and let them decide for themselves whether you have or don't have prior art.

Michael Fryd wrote:

Jay Bean wrote:

If you were already doing everything that he claims in his patent,
then it's irrelevant that he is only claiming "sporting events".
Markets cannot be patented.


I am not an expert on Patent law. I am simply reporting what Mr.
Wolf told me.

I develop and maintain searchable photo databases of event photos.
These web sites predate Mr. Wolf's application. My uneducated
reading of Mr. Wolf's patent suggests to me that his patent covers
exactly what I have been doing.

If I am correct, and the patent covers my web sites, it would
suggest to me that the patent was issued in error.

The context of our conversation was that Mr. Wolf was trying to
explain to me the difference betwen what I do, and what his patent
covers. His position was that his patent applied to sporting
events, and he felt the events I had been covering were not
sporting events.

I don't believe that Mr. Wolf is a patent attorney, and it is quite
possible that he was confused in his explanation.

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