Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Re: Yes, there is prior art

If you were already doing everything that he claims in his patent, then it's irrelevant that he is only claiming "sporting events". Markets cannot be patented.

Michael Fryd wrote:

TBmPhoto wrote:

True, the filing date is what is important.
But it's hard to beleive that this wasn't being done even back
then. It's before my time in this genre so I can't say I know for

Yes, there is prior art that predates Mr. Wolf's patent
applications. By 1998 I had a web site for event photos. Each
participate in the event wore a sign with identifying information.
Visitors to the web site could search for photos by various means,
including the identifying information on the signs.

We sent press releases to the media alerting them to our web site,
and in fact, many newspapers and magazines obtained images for
publication from our site.

To me, this sounds very much like the process described in Mr.
Wolf's patent. However, I am not a patent expert, nor am I an
attorney. Mr. Wolf told me that this example isn't relevant
because his patent only applies to 'sporting events'.

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