Canon 500 F4 vs Sigma 500 F4.5

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Re: Canon 500 F4 vs Sigma 500 F4.5

I've used both of them. There was the one time when all 6 of the agency Canon 500 F4 were taken.........but I spotted an old dusty case in the corner of the lens room, the Sigma.

I took it to the Hockenheim with me to shoot DTM and I could remember IQ was on par with the Canon (or at least the picture editor said so anyway!)

One thing I must say about the AF on the Sigma, it does hunt around.....big time! but this seems to be the case when comparing Canon L glass with Sigma pro grade gear.

All in all, if it was out of my own pocket, I'll buy the Sigma, it cost 25% less than the Canon but like for like, it snapping on the heals of the Canon, only make sure you get a good copy.

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