Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Mr. Wolf's other patent applications

For an entertaining read, you should go look at some of Mr. Wolf's other patent applications.

Application 20040036015 , Serial No.: 224674- using an electric eye to trigger a camera.

I am not a patent expert, but to my untrained eye, this appears to be an attempt to patent the 'photo finish' process used in horse races. In this process an electric eye causes a photo to be snapped when a race participant crosses a particular point in the race (say the finish line).

Application 20050117018 Serial No.: 008697- using remote controlled cameras to take pictures of a sporting event.

Again, I am not a patent expert, but this patent appears to cover the concept of using robotic cameras (like those used to produce network nightly newscasts) to cover a sporting event.

I haven't looked lately to see what else he is trying to patent, but I assume it will be interesting.

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