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Re: Lots of noise - I just returned mine

Still not full 10mp size, but now the noise is quite visible in your first picture, especially on dark object at the top right hand side, and various other points in the picture.

This is an abstract composition, so the noise doesn't really detract from it. However, if you were doing a photo for a magazine illustration or something similar, it might be considered a problem.

I take pictures for stock photography, among other things, and the G7 just doesn't give the clean images needed for that. Perhaps its problem is that it lacks an ISO 50 or 64 setting, which most other Canon compacts do have. The sky in G7 shots is particularly noisy, even if it is a little bit on the dark blue side.

Compared to my Pro1 (which certainly isn't in the DSLR class either), the difference is very noticeable. Perhaps if I didn't already have the Pro1, I would have accepted the G7, but on both an image quality and ergonomic basis, the Pro1 is much better.

The overall noise of the G7 is not too bad, even at ISO 200 or 400, and it is quite useable for medium sized prints. However, for somebody who needs a completely clean image, this camera doesn't deliver it at ISO 80.

dygo1 wrote:

SamK2 wrote:

Well dygo, you have posted some nice images, which shows that you
are a good creative photographer. However, the size of your
samples was about 0.2 megapixels from a 10 megapixel camera.

If you had posted them full size, I am pretty sure that we could
have found some areas with noise, and also some nasty smearing of
detail in low-constrast areas.

From what I have seen, my sample of the G7 was pretty typical.
Call me a pixel peeper, but if I am going to settle for 5 or 6
megapixels of quality (which seems to be what the G7 actually
delivers), I don't want to have to pay for a 10 megapixel camera.

My 7 megapixel SD800 IS actually produces better quality images
than the G7.

Large it is

for the original size you can check out my flickr site

What I am trying to pointout is that maybe you just got a bum unit
if you try another one it might come out better and I rarely print
my photos full size anyway so for a small point and shoot camera I
feel that the G7 performs admirably but I guess to each his own

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