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Re: does he think everyone else is a Caveman?

Tony Rundle wrote:

What a good idea. You have to be careful not to infringe my patent
covering the deposition of ink, graphite, chalk, or other marking
substance, on a substrate of paper, card, slate or other material
used to provide a support medium. Examples include the deposition
of stokes or dots in such a way as to produce text, pictures or
other graphics. Some people have suggested I should call this
process "writing". Others have suggested "printing".

Sad part is that such patents HAVE been granted, and lawsuits fought and WON by the "patent holder" in an industry related to photography in recent years and it brought a whole booming segment of an industry to it's knees with the higher prices/no competition due to licensing fees paid to the patent holder.

Do a search on: Inkjet Dye Sublimation Sawgrass Ink Lawsuit for the gory details...

It CAN happen in any industry...

(Cost us about 1/4 of our total photo biz sales after the new high(!!) dye sub ink prices made it just too expensive to stay in that part of the biz for us back a couple years ago)
Eric in Florida

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