Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Re: does he think everyone else is a Caveman?

Tony Rundle wrote:

What a good idea. You have to be careful not to infringe my patent
covering the deposition of ink, graphite, chalk, or other marking
substance, on a substrate of paper, card, slate or other material
used to provide a support medium. Examples include the deposition
of stokes or dots in such a way as to produce text, pictures or
other graphics. Some people have suggested I should call this
process "writing". Others have suggested "printing".

I'm also working on a patent to cover the use of thin sheets of
paper (called "pages") bound together to form what I am thinking of
calling a "book" or "pamphlet".

Please keep in mind that both of your patents are infringing on my two new patents "sky is blue" and "water is wet"

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