Kodak introduces a new color filter array:

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Has some applications. Photography not so much.

Roger Krueger wrote:

Marketing BS appearing to be Kodak's one remaining core competency.

This is going to be one of those things that looks really good on a
spec sheet--like all the fake IS going around--and have very little
practical effect on the average photographer.

At the very most they're going to ge a stop or two out of this.
Nowhere close to "eliminating the need for flash", especially for
the tiny consumer chips Kodak says they're aiming at.

I agree. We are talking about approx 1 stop improvment. That is not going to make that large a difference and considering that Kodak is about 1 stop behind a lot of cameras (perhaps more if compared to Fuji) then they won't really have a leg up, not to mention the loss of color detail that will be noticable.

It would help survielance where it would give some color to scenes without compromising efficience compared to B&W cameras. Also cell phones which already have terrible pictures probably wont notice the loss of color detail. Or web cams... You get the idea.

Photography will not be the main application and where it does show up it will be a curiosity at best.

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