Frequent firmware updates - good or bad?

Started Jun 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
Pavel Kudrys Senior Member • Posts: 2,694
I think it's extremely positive..

Although most of the Ricoh's FW updates are fixes, it's extremely positive to see that the company "cares" about its users and products! Most companies play dead horse rather than to confess there is a problem with their product. A very "good example" is Panasonic, with their FZ50/LX2 detail smearing in RAW! See the excellent Bjorn's LX2/GX100 RAW comparison and you will see what I mean. How can company of the Panasonic's size and reputation ignore such big problem?

It would be great if Ricoh would add some of the essential features into GX100/GRD (like still missing Flash compensation feature!!!). But on the other hand, we would be glad about so frequent updates, which means they are still working on it, even after release! And BTW, Ricoh support ALWAYS answered any of my emails! Not like some other "unnamed" (and probably bigger) companies

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